Discover the Glorious Mystery of Christ

Course Description

Paul’s letters to the churches of Ephesus and Colossae contain remarkable revelation concerning the beauty of Jesus and His desire for the life of His people. In addition to gaining an understanding of the historical and literary context of each book, students complete an in-depth exegesis of the text with the goal of drawing their hearts and minds into greater preoccupation with the glory of Christ.

Stuart Greaves


At the International House of Prayer, Stuart serves on the senior leadership team and gives oversight to the prayer division, which serves the Global Prayer Room (GPR). For 16 years, he has served on the NightWatch, the hours from midnight to 6am in the GPR. With a vision to see Christ revealed by the Holy Spirit to the depths of peoples’ hearts, Stuart travels nationally and internationally, teaching on the forerunner message, intercession, and the knowledge of God. He is married to Esther, his wife of 19 years, and resides in Kansas City.

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